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Brow Couture

Eyebrow artistry design and colour

We are a specialist eyebrow salon with an absolute passion for eyebrows.

It’s about creating a distinctive look, elegant style and confident feeling.

And with our tool kit of techniques we can customise your personal design to enhance your individual features.

In less than 1 hour we can turn back the clock

Giving you luminosity, and a more youthful appearance and balance

Meet our “Arch Angels”

Debbie Singh at Vitalitas is a renowned eyebrow expert, and dedicates a lot of time training her Vitalitas girls to become “Arch Angels – specialists in eyebrow artistry”

At Vitalitas we deliver “Brow Artistry” offering a complete experience with creative tinting techniques, colour styling and sculpting designs.


Brow Couture Prices

Brow Facelift $50

Design/ sculpt, creative colour tinting, powder enhancement

Brow Couture $60

Brow facelift with a splash of eye makeup

Brow Whisper $33

Design/ sculpt, powder enhancement and brow gel

Brow Tease $15

Powder enhancement and Brow gel

Angel Brows (teens) $26

Rest easy in the knowledge that we work with you to create good brow principles for life, this shape is based on a natural, future proof brow look

All a Flutter $25

Strip lash application

Eye Couture $69

Brow Couture and strip lash application

Manscaping $26

A “natural look” groom and tidy

You are only a phone call away from “perfect brows” So phone now... our arch angels are ready and waiting